Rivalry Renewed Between Konami and Electronic Arts

Since the Grunge Rock era up to the present time, Konami and EA have battled on the soccer gaming front. Konami’s PES or Pro Evolution Soccer and EA’s FIFA have been head-to-head for the last two decades. It was always believed that FIFA was more for the casual gamers while PES is known to be the extreme soccer fan’s game and for having great depth. The only trouble for PES is that for the last 3 years or so, it has failed in comparison to FIFA. Specifically speaking, its game play has been sub-par. And during this 3-year span, Electronic Arts has really brought their “A” game and improved FIFA significantly and exponentially! With all these things going on for the two video game franchises, it really made a closely contested fight in the recent years, and with both scheduled to be released later on this year, which game will come out victorious?

FIFA 11 has brought many wild reviews from highly respected websites. And one has to really think if any of those who made the review really has knowledge of the game of soccer like people do in Europe, since most of these websites are USA based. A reviewer who is based in Europe

described FIFA 11 as being like an good-looking individual with no personality whatsoever. He also said that the game is great for the first few moments, but as the game progresses, it tends to bore out the gamers. This just goes to show that FIFA is not that perfect as many perceive it is. This year, the head developer of PES 2011, Seabass, has released a full demo for the Play Station 3 users to download. It’s evident that he and his team have full confidence that what they have created is something very special and would take the game to even greater heights.

So which franchise will have the last laugh in the end? Will FIFA 11 take the crown from PES 2011? Or will PES again win the crown as the best Jogos de Futebol? How will these instalments affect the rivalry between Konami and EA? No one can really tell, because as the popular saying goes, “Only time can tell”. And besides, until both the games are launched, no one can judge the two yet. No critic or reviewer can say which one is better. All of us has to wait until both are released in the market.


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